Thursday Sept 11th
Kings Arms Tavern, Newton

The Rules
We know rock and rules really don’t roll together. But bear with us, as we bash out the basics of the Battle of the Ad Bands. Then we can rage against the man. Promise.

Bands must be from CAANZ member agencies, and only one band per agency can enter. Band members must all be genuine, bona-fide employees or current freelancers of your agency. That means no students, ex-freelancers, musos you meet on the job or ring-in types. We will be watching this year – cheaters will be disqualified. Due to popular demand, small agencies only (less than 20 employees) may band together. No super-agency super-groups please.

This year, bands will perform three songs each - one cover, one original tune, and one wildcard. Wildcards will be decided by the BOTAB committee, and pulled out from the Sorting Hat, in a very democratic, non-partisan and legitimate way. And no, you can’t switch songs. Whingers will be mocked and outed publicly on the blog by anonymous. This year’s theme is The Beatles. We’ll let you know your song a couple of weeks before the gig. As far as the other songs go… that’s up to you. Choose a cover, and get writing your original. Unfortunately those old award annuals won’t help you. Oh, and you’ll have 15 minutes on stage to perform your magic.

Deadlines & cash money
A fee of $300 + GST per band applies. That's cheaper than one of those Friday outings at a restaurant that ends with ‘o’. Each band will get a few comp tickets for their groupies. Backline gear on the night provided (full list TBC). BYO leads, drumsticks, guitars, quenas, rainsticks and tambourines.

That’s it
To register, just flick back to the homepage and click on the link there. Any queries please contact

Rock on.


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